The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Lab

In this digital world, people need digital solutions to manage their health and navigate our complex health systems.

About The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Lab

Our goal is to empower individuals to manage their own health information, help health care providers deliver better care and improve the system as a whole. We create tools like practical, easy-to-use apps for people to manage their health information or the health information of their family members. We also create multi-platform resources that enable busy healthcare workers to make fast, accurate decisions about the best care for their patients.


Kumanan Wilson, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Senior Scientist
Katherine Atkinson, PhD(c)
Lead, Research & Business Development
Cameron Bell
Lead Technical Architect
Julien Guerinet
Lead, Development
Lindsay Wilson, MSc
Lead, Academic Programs
Ruth Rennicks White, RN, BScN
Lead, Human Resources
Michelle Paradis
Communications and Community Outreach
Marlene Elliott
Technical Analyst
Andrew Faulkner, M.Sc.
Full-Stack Web Developer
Jordan Gignac
Full-Stack Web Developer
Ali Avci
Android Developer
Xuan Li
QA Developer
Mélany Pelletier-Vaillant
Graphic Designer
Amanda Quan
Academic Programs Officer
Nafisa Jadavji, PhD
Clinical Research Associate
Kim Barnhardt
Strategic Communications Advisor
Guillian Balisi
iOS Developer
Stephanie Walker
Office Administrator

Project Big Life Team

Dr. Doug Manuel, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Senior Scientist,
Project Big Life
Peter Tanuseputro, MHSc, MD, CCFP, FRCPC
Project Big Life
Carol Bennet, MSc
Program Coordinator, Project Big Life
Amy Hsu, PhD
Project Big Life
Yulric Sequeira
Lead Developer,
Project Big Life
Stacey Fisher, MSc
Data Scientist,
Project Big Life

Collaborating Scientists

Our Projects

A Digital Immunization Record for Canadians

CANImmunize is a free, bilingual mobile app that helps Canadians across the country keep their immunization information at their fingertips. The app allows people to securely store and manage their families’ vaccination records, provides appointment reminders and vaccination schedules by home province or territory as well as reliable information about vaccination requirements for children, adults and travellers. More than 210,000 Canadians have downloaded CANImmunize.
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Project Big Life is a collection of health calculators that allow people and healthcare providers to estimate life expectancy based on diet and lifestyle habits such as salt intake, alcohol consumption and more. The project was developed by Dr. Douglas Manuel and his team at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute using 20 years of Canadian health data.
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Alien invaders descend on a world while defensive forces prepare to battle the intruders... is this the plot from a new blockbuster movie? No, this is the story of Immunity Warriors: Invasion of the Alien Zombies, an online motion comic to educate school-aged kids about the immune system and the importance of vaccination.
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Canadian Vaccine Catalogue

The Canadian Vaccine Catalogue provides timely, accurate and comprehensive standards-based vaccine-related content. This content is needed for software developers and system implementers to build and configure interoperable systems for the capture and digital exchange of immunization records across health care domains and jurisdictional borders. The CVC content also facilitates vaccine barcode scanning for both inventory management and immunization administration.
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The Ottawa Rules

A mobile and web-based version of the Ottawa Knee Rule, the Ottawa Ankle Rules and the Canadian C-spine Rule, that are used around the world to help emergency medicine health professionals decide when to order x-rays and CT scans. The rules, developed by Dr. Ian Stiell, an Ottawa Hospital emergency physician and his emergency medicine research group, will be more accessible to the new generation of wired emergency department clinicians.
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Stroke Rehabilitation Platform

RecoverNow is a tablet-based stroke rehabilitation platform that helps patients begin rehabilitation and allows therapists to track patient progress. It was developed in partnership with Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi, a stroke neurologist at The Ottawa Hospital.


OkKidney is a phosphate management tool for patients with chronic kidney disease. The app allows patients to track their daily dietary intake and recommends an appropriate dose of calcium binders to accompany each meal. It was developed  with Dr. Deborah Zimmerman of the OHRI Kidney Research Centre.


The Safe Living app is an easy-to-use platform to help you manage vaccinations and medications after a solid organ transplant. Access tips for rapid recovery, infection prevention and safe living strategies at your fingertips. Developed by The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Lab ( in partnership with the University Health Network Multi-Organ Transplant team. The Multi-Organ Transplant Program (MOT) at the University Health Network (UHN) is the largest and most comprehensive transplant program in Canada.